Revive Your Hair with the

ViGRO® Breakthrough

3-Step System

The ViGRO® 3 Step System is a breakthrough approach for the treatment of hair loss and hair thinning* that has helped thousands of South Africans to reactivate and restore their hair. Formulated with powerful active ingredients, ViGRO® helps the scalp to reduce hair fall, while stimulating hair cells.


Three easy steps, and a couple of minutes a day, is all it takes to help turn hair loss* into hair revival:


Wondering how soon you can expect to see results?

It usually takes between 8 to 12 weeks until there is a noticeable decrease in hair loss and hair thinning*. Yes, it takes some time, but if you follow the 3-step system every day, the result will be worth it!

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What You Need to Know About Hair Loss

It’s said that knowledge is power, and we agree! The more you know about hair loss, and especially the causes of behavioural hair loss, the more power you have to take charge of your situation.

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Discover Which ViGRO® Range
is Right for You

Not everyone experiences hair loss and hair thinning* to the same extent. For this reason, we have created different ranges to cater to your particular needs.

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