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You should have a general idea of how much hair usually remains behind in your comb, shower or pillow after sleeping. When you can clearly see there is more than the usual daily amount, it may be an indication of excessive hair loss. Another indication would be if your hair falls out easily when you tug it. Thinning hair can also be identified when there is less hair to clip or tie back than before. For a diagnosis, consult a haircare professional or a medical practitioner.

One needs to assess the history of hair loss on both sides of your family. If there is a family history of balding and no behavioural factors (stress, dietary deficiencies, illness, medication) are at play, the cause is probably genetic coding (hereditary hair loss). If behavioural factors are prevalent and hereditary hair loss doesn’t exist in your family, the hair loss is probably due to behavioural factors. If the hair loss is hereditary, ViGRO® will not be effective. Consult a medical practitioner for a diagnosis.

No, ViGRO® is specifically formulated to assist the scalp to stop the progression of hair loss and thinning hair* associated with behavioural factors such as dietary deficiencies caused by stress, illness and medication. There are products that have been specifically developed for hereditary hair loss. The advice of a medical practitioner or pharmacist should be sought in this regard.

The sooner you start using ViGRO®, once hair loss or thinning hair* has been identified, the quicker the results will be. However, ViGRO® has been known to be effective in cases where hair loss* has been left unchecked for many years. As long as the hair root is still intact, it is possible to reactivate hair cells. Efficacy of support may vary between users.

Rehabilitating impaired hair functioning is a lengthy process and will normally take a minimum of 3 to 4 months. It is imperative that the user bears this in mind and continues to adhere to the ViGRO® 3-step system in the initial stages when no results may be visible. It is important to remember that the average hair grows only 1cm per month, so it will be some time before the new hairs gain in length sufficiently to contribute to volume and become noticeable. Efficacy of support may vary between users.

Generally speaking, yes. When the hair growth cycle is imbalanced due to behavioural factors (e.g. stress, dietary deficiencies, illness, medication) it usually manifests as thinning, “see-through” hair. As the non-hereditary or behavioural causes in both men and women are the same, so is the solution. However, our Intensive Care for Her range contains ingredients that have been specifically selected and studied for their efficacy in the treatment of female hair thinning and hair loss*. Please note that ViGRO® is not effective against hereditary or genetic hair loss.

Yes. ViGRO® is equally effective on all hair types. However, due to individual variations efficacy of use may vary between users.

The main difference between the two is that Intensive Care for Her has been formulated to provide more intensive results with ingredients specifically selected and studied in women to target hair thinning and hair loss. For this reason, Intensive Care for Her contains more active ingredients that work together to revive your hair and to help prevent hair loss*. Therefore, if you are experiencing only mild concern over your hair thinning, choose the ViGRO® Bio range. However, if you are looking for more intensive results, Intensive Care for Her is better suited to your needs.

We recommend the following phases of application to help ensure maximum efficacy:

Initial phase: The 3-step system must be repeated regularly (e.g. 5 to 7 times a week) until there is a noticeable decrease in hair loss and hair thinning* – it usually takes about 8 to 12 weeks; however, the tonic should be used daily.
Maintenance phase: Continue to shampoo and condition as frequently as you desire, but repeat step two a few times a week, while continuing to take the capsules daily.

It takes only a few minutes a day to adhere to the 3-step system.

Our shampoos and conditioners are intended for frequent use and can be used daily if required.

It is imperative to first ‘strip’ your hair of grime, grease and dirt. This will allow the active ingredients in the tonic that you will use in Step 2, to penetrate the hair shaft and commence the revival process.

Yes – but wait 48 hours after treatment before using ViGRO®.

Before starting to use ViGRO®, please consult your medical practitioner, as some of the ingredients in the capsules may interact with chronic medication.

No. Safety for use during pregnancy and lactation (breastfeeding) has not been established.

You can buy ViGRO® at all Clicks and Dis-Chem stores as well as leading pharmacies and retail stores. Please see the BUY NOW page for a comprehensive list of online and in-store suppliers.

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