A clear, greaseless leave-in tonic. It contains the active ingredient Follicusan™ to help reactivate hair cells, while also helping to strengthen weakened hair follicles.

For best results, use ViGRO® Bio-Tonic with ViGRO® Bio-Shampoo or ViGRO® Anti-Dandruff Bio-Shampoo and ViGRO® Bio-Capsules.

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This is a wonderful product since forever, my mom used it on my hair when I was still in primary school and in my early 50`s I suddenly developed Eczema and could not use the ointment for my body on my scalp which resulted in frustration and pain, I remembered Vigro and bought this tonic again and it was so soothing on my itchy and burning scalp, it was such a relief to find something that I could use any time of the day without worrying about any oily or other residue making my hair look dirty. This is absolutely a great product.


Great product for men as it helps with hair growth


the fragrance is awesome and easy to apply and style

zainab moosa

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